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Kathy Spruiell Homework Kindergarten Budlong

Welcome! This web site has many classroom resources for grades 
K-5. The resources are primarily for math, but some are in other areas as well. Feel free to use these materials in your classroom. Enjoy.

    I LOVE teaching, (especially math) and I LOVE creating materials to use with classroom math instruction. Explore the following pages and find math resources and sometimes grammar, science, and social studies resources in grades K - 5.
**UPDATED COMMON CORE ALIGNED WEEKLY HW IS HERE!!! Check out the HW tabs. :)  The homework has been updated through week 27 of the 2017 - 2018 school year. I will continue to upload HW, a few weeks at a time, as the year progresses. Please abide by the copyright guidelines.

I am UPLOADING the HW for the year for each grade level (K-5). These YEARLY HW PACKETS are available on my Teachers Pay Teachers page. You can get the whole year on TPT, or you can wait and upload off my site every several weeks for FREE.

Click Here to go the entire year of HW:
My Store on Teachers Pay Teachers is called:

Kathy Spruiell at
KML Education Associates, LLC

Copyright Information for Kathy's Creations:
Please go to the copyright tab and read the guidelines before you download anything. I have recently found some of my work sold by other people and imitators on Teachers Pay Teachers and Doc Stoc. (Very Uncool) :( You don't have to go there, get it from me for free!! If you modify the work please leave the "Created by Kathy Spruiell" line intact and add "Modified by...your name".  Thanks!

Check it Out....LA Tab - Language Arts Resources
These are ready through my friend, Amy's site. Go to the tab for info.

Check the Weekly Pacing Planning Guides for K-5. They are already aligned with the COMMON CORE and good to go for the 2017 - 2018 school year. 

Check Out the TABS - K-5 for:
Guided Math "Fact Fluency Center" Materials

Information is also available for math newsletters, vocabulary, math journals, calendar math, and more...

Every few weeks the materials will be updated to the current weeks of the school year. Check in every week to keep up with the current resources. 

Always proof the sheets, because sometimes there are typos.

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