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Research Paper Business Ethics Topics

25 Up-To-Date Business Ethics Essay Topics To Choose From

The concept of ethics can be complicated and may hold different meanings for different people, depending on varying factors surrounding their lives. Generally, it deals with the systematic classification of actions to be considered right or wrong based on the effects they have on affected parties. These definitions can never be absolute and for this reason, the question of ethics is always under discussion.

When selecting topics on which to compose an essay, one must always make sure to select a topic that they will enjoy working on. This can make the experience an enjoyable one, helping you to better create a well written paper. Your access to information on the topic also plays an important role and you should verify this as well, before making your final decision. The following is a list of 25 up-to-date business ethics essay topics for you to choose from:

  1. The effects profit seeking can have on the quality of products.
  2. Which is more important, the needs of consumers, or the profits of companies?
  3. Why small businesses are doomed to fail.
  4. The cost of cutting quality for productivity.
  5. Abuse of laborers in the construction sector.
  6. Why outsourcing of labor should be disallowed and companies made to pay higher wages to citizens of their origin countries.
  7. The ramifications of hiring by race.
  8. The effect gender discrimination has on performance.
  9. Why companies often have no choice but to pollute the environment.
  10. The effect good advertisements have on a persons self esteem.
  11. How we benefit from cigarettes as a society.
  12. Alcohol is only legal because it makes the right people, a lot of money.
  13. Online ads are invasive and an abuse of a person’s time, internet connection and computer resources.
  14. Most human resource departments serve to enforce the policies of tyrannical mangers.
  15. Is it fair to demand a smile from employees who are not happy with their wages?
  16. Globalization has many negative effects on smaller economies.
  17. Artificial beverages are more dangerous than companies let on.
  18. Hidden charges are how most service providers make their moneys.
  19. Social media is now responsible for the development of young children.
  20. Companies should be allowed to select employees based on gender and expected performance.
  21. Books written by killers should be made public.
  22. Artificial depressions should be identified and dealt with more severely.
  23. Are lay offs necessary or do companies profit off of this.
  24. Should a person’s family status determine their pay?
  25. Is it right for companies to test for drugs before hiring employees?

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Business Ethics/Is it a trend that will last?
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Sagawa & Segal/"Common Interest, Common Good"
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Ann Svendsen/ "Stakeholder Strategy"
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