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Africa has been quoted for a decade as the last economic frontier of the world

Africa has been quoted for a decade as the last economic frontier of the world. With about a billion inhabitants of which many studies and researches indicated there are close to 300 million people with a purchasing power that ranks them, according to the local cost of living, into the middle class category. Africa as such presents a real opportunity for companies worldwide to do business contributing to sustain the global growth while taking out the continent from underdevelopment according to the western definition. And this has to be done with consideration of the goods and the bads experienced by the developed countries. Impact and sustainability through investments must in essence become prominent with a view to allowing an inclusive development of the continent.

According to the Global Impact Investment Network...

According to the Global Impact Investment Network, Impact investing is defined as investments with the intention to generate positive social, economic or environmental impacts beyond financial return. Impact investments can target a range of returns from below market to market rate, depending upon the circumstances. In the current process undertaken to define a new asset class on the rise, it becomes paramount to clarify, especially when it comes to companies financing in Africa, what Impact Investing is, being impact as a consequence or impact seeking as the first motivation.

The Africa Finance Conference launched in 2012 by Orrick Rambaud Martel and Kusuntu-le-Club in its third edition brings together a vast array of economic actors

The Africa Finance Conference launched in 2012 by Orrick Rambaud Martel and Kusuntu-le-Club in its third edition brings together a vast array of economic actors engaged in Africa for its economic development. Following an introduction to the African Asset class in 2012 and the review of options so far between private capital investment and investment through organized exchanges, this third conference will focus on positive impacts beyond the financial return.

This conference, organized over a day, is the premier professional meeting place in France between professional investors worldwide and those that are making the economic construction in Africa, entrepreneurs, companies, venture and private capital firms that are backing them as well as finance and development institutions as well as investment promotion agencies supporting this process.

As a forum, African economic actors, professional investors and companies worldwide

As a forum, African economic actors, professional investors and companies worldwide have a unique opportunity to network for business and investment opportunities, through independent one on one or organized meetings alongside key notes presentation and plenary panels’ discussion. The event addresses issues pertaining to investment opportunities in Africa from the philanthropic point up to more financial oriented ones.

You are responsible for strategic and investment decisions within insurance companies

You are responsible for strategic and investment decisions within insurance companies, mutual funds and investment houses, family offices, private banks or corporations larger or smaller and you are interested to know more about your African business development opportunities, you are invited to attend the third Kusuntu Africa Finance Conference in Paris and meet those actors, entrepreneurs, private equity firms, development finance and investment promotion agencies that are building the economic and social development of the African continent.


KUSUNTU-LE-CLUB is THINK TANK created by executives and managers for promoting the emergence and the development of African economic champions thanks to private equity investments. Founding members of KUSUNTU are at the origin of the creation of the first electronic information platform on African private equity, notably a directory of actors (GP's, LP's, Funds, who'swho).


ORRICK RAMBAUD MARTEL is a specialized law firm that offers in France and abroad an exceptional platform of services in cross border operations such as mergers and acquisition, structured finance, leasing asset finance, corporate, tax and social laws. ORRICK RAMBAUD MARTEL’s lawyers also have strong skills and expertise in dispute resolution including international arbitration.