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Stat Assist Dissertation

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Dissertation Assistance

A Very Different Dissertation Consulting Firm

If you're looking for a small Dissertation Assistance Service company that's highly experienced and recommended by many Universities, than you've found it. We do not cheat by writing papers for you, rather we work with you to get it done fast. We are experts in our field and can assist you with any Dissertation chapter, or specific need you may have.

Our Staff consists of Statisticians, Methodologists, and Editors who have Dissertation chair experience - something you can't find any place else.

We work as a team to complete your Dissertation fast. You reap the benefit of our collective intelligence at no extra cost. We also work fast and can complete projects in days if necessary. Further, every client is supported throughout the dissertation process including defense.

We have developed proprietary procedures that can quickly assess your needs and direct you to finish quickly — no wasted time or money.

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Dissertation Chair Experience

StatAssist gives you more than a window into your current operations. It provides a likely view of what is just over the horizon and even further into the future. Our innovative techniques can help you crystallize trends, patterns and anomalies that yield invaluable business insights to help you make intelligent decisions.

With over 30 years experience in statistical consulting, our statisticians offer comprehensive statistics services covering all aspects of statistical analysis.

Business/Medical Statistics

Whether your company is large, medium or small our intelligent services can make you smarter.

Survey Development & Analyses

In today's highly competitive marketplace, corporate executives value obtaining business research information from an employee survey or customer satisfaction survey. They realize that surveying employees and customers on a regular basis is a best practice among global organizational leaders. These surveys most commonly measure opinions, satisfaction, attitudes, and degree of engagement of customers and employees. Establishing a satisfaction benchmark for your company is the first step in the process toward continuous improvement.

Our statisticians have the experience and knowledge to ensure the reliability and validity of your survey results.