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Descriptive Essay About Friendship

My Friend Jim

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My Friend Jim


    Jim was a guy I used to hang out with back when I was in junior high. He was a really good friend to me, and since I was new to the school, he made me feel like I wasn't alone. We would play basketball a lot and play his Nintendo whenever I went over to his house after school. He was kind of tall, so when we played basketball, he would usually beat the snot out of me because he was taller than I was, so I couldn't block any of his shots. Behind the basketball player though was a really shy guy who never would say anything to hurt my feelings. He would laugh all the time, but it was sort of fake, as if there was something underneath.


    Jim grew up in Colorado, back in the mountains, and his dad was a construction worker and his mom a certified dietician. He had an extreme love for the Chicago Cubs, and whenever they would play in Colorado, he would be the first one at the game. His uncle owned some apartments in Rock Falls and had become ill, so his father packed up everything from Colorado and moved to Rock Falls.


    Life in Rock Falls was great at first for Jim. We would be together a lot, doing all sorts of things. Both of us were enjoying our years of junior high, and preparing to be together for high school, but things started to change with him. His dad went out of town more and more, leaving just Jim and his mother in the house for months at a time. When Jim's dad was away, Jim would command his mother to do everything he said. One time when I was over, Jim was screaming at the top of his lungs for his mother to go to McDonald's and get him some food. He was very vindictive with her. She told him that she had no money and that she would just fix something for dinner. Jim always got his way though, and would not stop screaming at her until she agreed to go get him his food. I told his mom that I was sorry for what he had said to her, but she just asked me if I wanted something too, and I declined, but when she came back, she had gotten something for me, just so Jim wouldn't yell at her.

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    While Jim's dad was away, he treated his mom like crap. There were days when he would sleep in and make his mom call him off school. He had turned into a slob. His hair was down past his ears, he had started to gain weight, and he had a sick look to him. He was no longer happy about anything and never wanted to play basketball anymore. All he wanted to do was to sit alone in his bedroom and watch television. Whenever I would call, his mom would say that he was sleeping and that there wasn't anything she could do to get him up. I had my license by then, so we could do more stuff together, but Jim never wanted to do anything besides sit at home in his basement and be lonely.


    Jim's dad came home maybe once a month, and stayed for about a week at a time. Jim would be so happy to see his dad, and he went to school all the time, cleaned himself up so he looked normal again, and would be nice to all of his friends. He wanted his dad to see that he was doing well back home. He wanted people to come over to play basketball and have fun. He even invited people to swim in the pool. Things would go great for Jim. He would be so happy, but as soon as his dad would go away, Jim changed his character again. He was no longer a nice blond-haired, blue-eyed nice guy, but an evil, harsh person that had turned for the worse.


    I stopped hanging out with Jim because I couldn't stand to be around him anymore. He had started hanging out with the wrong crowd. He was accepted by all the losers who did drugs. He was arrested at his house for having an underage drinking party while his father was away. He hardly spoke to his mother anymore, and when he did, it was sinful, dirty things that a person should never say. He would curse at her and tell her that he hated her, and that he wished that she would die. I was just finishing up high school by then and was beginning my quest to find the money to further my education at the college level.


    Jim's wish was granted earlier this year. Jim's mom died of breast cancer. She had tried for so many years to help Jim put his life in the right direction, but Jim would have no part in it. Jim's father was home when Julie died, and Jim was playing the good son card. Ron, his dad, never found out about Jim's anger towards his mother, and Jim was finally happy because his father was home for good, but he was too late. Jim failed his junior and senior years of high school by doing drugs and drinking all the time. All his friends left him, even the ones who did drugs with him. He found out too late what he had put himself and his mother through.


    I saw Jim at the mall a couple of weeks ago. He was wearing a Cubs shirt and looked like the guy that I used to hang out with in junior high. I asked him what he was going to do about school, and he said that he planned to get his GED and try to put his life back together. He was back to his tall and skinny figure, and it seemed like we could be friends again someday. I found it sad to know that he finally learned his lesson at the cost of his mother's life. She would have done anything for that boy to get ahead in the world, and perhaps dying the way she did taught Jim a lesson to make something of his life, because you never know when it will end.

True friends are like flawless diamonds, very valuable and hard to come by. We all have had or still have friends that we consider to a beautiful diamond. That friend that is always there for you through thick and thin. That friend that you are like my family with rather than friends. These kind of friends are the ones that last forever just like diamonds. Lucky for me I unearthed a rather rare diamond amongst the many cubic zirconia named Jasmine Frazier. Jasmine and I became acquainted with each other when we were in the fourth grade. She was the funniest, caring, and most protective person I have ever meet and these three traits were what made her a friend like no other.

First, Jasmine was my rather adorable, brown-skinned, curly haired best friend since we were in the fourth grade. She was 5'3, one year older than me, always wore a smile that would linger in one's eyes after just one glance, and had a sense of humor like no other. Both pupils and teachers alike enjoyed her company and liveliness. There was hardly ever a dull moment when she was around with her funny quips and expressions. For example, whenever she would tell a joke, there wouldn't be a dried eye left in the room.

Next, Jasmine has a very amiable personality and I learned that in the when we were in the fifth grade. She was always there for me through good times and especially bad times. For example, there was this one time when I went to school and I forgot to ask my mom for lunch money. At first, I was not hungry and thought I could bear going without a meal but soon, my stomach began to growl. Without asking, Jasmine generously paid for my meal and drinks during lunch. The incident revealed to me how lucky I was to have such a caring and compassionate friend. She was often a very likeable person because she was kind to everyone but, in the sixth grade Jasmine showed a really unpleasant side of her that comes out when I was in trouble. I called this her protector mode.

As time went one, Jasmine and I had me become like sisters. She was the oldest and I was the youngest, even though our heights told a different story. We are now in the sixth grade and I was boy crazy I mean there were cute boys left and right but, because I was very shy I never spoke to any of them. Jasmine on the other hand made it talking to them seem so easy. So I, being the boy crazy girl that I was just decided that I would admire and crush on boys from afar. There was this one boy that I had a crush on, he was this tall, cute boy who had a smile as beautiful as a rose but, was as deadly as a poisonous rattlesnake(this I learned later on) and his name was Johnny. Now this deadly rattlesnake and the "Lunch room incident of '06," that he created is the reason why Jasmine has protection mode, so she could keep me safe from guys like Johnny. One day, I walked into the cafeteria with Jasmine by my side and all eyes were on me but we had no idea why. As we're sitting down, trying our best to enjoy this horrible school lunch, Johnny walks up to me and states aloud, sounding both shocked and befuddled

"So you're the one!"
After laughing over exaggeratedly in my face, he finally says those seven words that made me more afraid to approach boys today and turned my best friend Jasmine into my protector.

"You and me, that will NEVER happen," Johnny said as if his exaggerated laughter was
not enough to get his point across. One by one these words come towards me quickly and painfully as if I were in a boxing ring with world renowned boxer, Floyd Mayweather. As I was recovering from these unseen shots, Jasmine stood up quickly and came to my aide like she was my bulletproof shield. At this moment Jasmine is in protector mode and is doing what she is supposed to do when she is in this phase, she is protecting me. By the time lunch is over, I have already received an apology from Johnny, made some new friends who comforted me and the friendship between Jasmine and I had grown 10 times stronger than it was the first day we met.

In the end, Jasmine and I parted ways in the eighth grade, when I transferred to a different school. Even though we were miles apart, attended different schools, and were made new friends, she and I still consider one another as sisters rather than best friends. These memories wonderful memories of our friendship will forever be etched in my mind like engraving on a precious necklace. Jasmine will always be the rarest and most irreplaceable diamond or in this case, sister-like best friend that I have ever unearthed.