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Youtube Tullio Simoncini The Fungal Hypothesis Statement

Struck off and convicted for fraud and involuntary manslaughter in Italy, under investigation in the Netherlands, baking soda salesman and cancer quack Tullio Simoncini is always on the lookout for more chickens to pluck. Recently, Simoncini has struck a deal with UFO/paranormal sensationalist, alien hunter and hoaxer Jaime Mausson of Mexico to push his cancer quackery in South America.

We already know that Simoncini is co-owner of a television show in the USA that deals with alternative medicine and conspiracy theories. However, lately reports have come in about new patients from Mexico and Brazil following the baking soda treatment that they think will cure their cancer.

Our Italian friend WeWee has done some research and found out how this sudden influx of new clients has come about.

UFOs and Aliens

It turns out that Simoncini had himself interviewed on Mexican tv by Jaime Maussan, a UFO/paranormal sensationalist with his own tv show in Mexico. Maussan is a celebrity in South America. He is obsessed with UFOs, aliens and everything paranormal and is the author of hundreds of scoops on UFO sightings and personal meetings with extra terrestrials in all forms, shapes and sizes (penguins turning into balloons, flying horses and that sort of thing.) What’s odd though os that the UFOs and aliens are always only seen by him. No UFO group wants to be associated with Maussan, they all think he is a fake, and his “discoveries” have been debunked by many skeptics as well. Maussan is also the man of the hoax with the “alien” that was found in a trap in Mexico. The alien turned out to be a monkey’s skeleton:

Simoncini: hero, genius, maverick

In his interview with Maussan, Simoncini pictures himself as a hero, a  lone genius and brave maverick, robbed of his title and forced to flee from one country to another by mainstream doctors and scientists who fear the consequences for their incomes of this great discovery of his that will save the lives of millions of cancer patients.

In the interview Simoncini claims that his treatment results in the disappearance of the cancer in only 3 to 4 days. In only 6 days, no trace of the cancer can be found. However, when you analyse his testimonials, his patients are either not cured or had conventional treatment before going to Simoncini.

He claims a success rate of 90%. For terminal cancers he claims a somwhat lower success rate, but this is because these patients have usually followed conventional therapy when they come to him and this often compromises their health to such an extent that even for him it is difficult to bring about a complete recovery.

Simoncini stresses to bear in mind that there is no other way to cure cancer than with baking soda. This is what he says on his website:

At the moment, sodium bicarbonate (in a solution of 5% or 8.4%) is the only remedy capable of making the tumours disappear completely. In order to get the maximum of damaging effect, the sodium bicarbonate should be brought into direct contact with the tissue.

Of course there is the Quack Miranada Warning, the red flag which is so often overlooked by desparate patients:

[…] We make no claims concerning health & disease in relation to usage of this book. The information we provide is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Users assume all responsibility for the application of the content on themselves. The information and products which on this website are reproduced are not mend to replace and/or to ignore the advice of a practicing physician.

In an interview with Emma Holister he says:

“I have treated hundreds of patients. Most of them had extremely advanced cancer, especially after having been subjected to conventional therapies. Many of them made a complete recovery and are still alive and well years after the treatment.

In the cases of cancers caught early (lumps smaller than 3cm, with minimal incidence of metastasis) 90% of patients have made a recovery.”

Maussan asks Simoncini whether he has any doubts as to the efficacy of sodium bicarbonate against cancer and he says no, none whatsoever.

Simoncini’s miracle cure: Terminal cancer? Or just a benign cyst?

During the interview a video is shown of a miraculous breast cancer cure. In the video we see a woman, Amelia Parra,  telling us of her breast cancer of gargantuan proportions. We are shown the breast with the giant tumour (the “tumour” appears at 1:57 and again at 2:13 in the video) – which to me looks very much like a cyst.

I asked jli if he thought it could perhaps be a cyst and this is what he said: “…I agree. A big tumour that suddenly appears during breast feeding, and grows fast is the way a cyst would appear, and not the way a cancer behaves. And of course no genuine oncologist would behave as claimed…”

Anyway, when Amelia went to see a doctor, he immediately told her that she was done for. She went for a second opinion and received the same answer there.

Desperate, she turned to Jaime Maussan. Stands to reason of course; what else can a cancer patient do but consult a seer of aliens and UFOs? Mr Maussan referred her to Tullio Simoncini, who cured her within a few days. When she is back in Mexico she has a scan done and there was no trace of cancer to be found. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Translation of the video:

While I was breast feeding, I discovered a ball in my left breast. The oncologist immediately prescribed chemotherapy and radiation (no mention is made of further exams or biopsy, which is extremely unusual – unbelievable actually). The tumour was too big to be operated. He doubted whether strong doses were possible because I was breast feeding. Hormonal therapy would also be too dangerous.

Then they examined me and found this other ball, in the same breast but a little higher. We went to mexico city to do a pet scan and we went to see the oncologist. The doctor does a new analysis (doesn’t say what exams are performed, just “analysis”) and then he looks at me and says: Amelia, you are going to die. He said the same thing, he described chemo and radiation, said he could not operate at once. I would lose my hair which was horror to me. I would also become menopausal at once. A terrifying prospect.

It was then that I decided I would not follow that road. If I had to leave this world then it would be with dignity and joy, surrounded by my loved ones, doing what I loved doing best. I did not want to enter eternity through a hospital corridor.

But the lump kept growing, it was like a bomb, so very very fast it was growing! It was horrible, it even took up skin of my back. There was one starting to come out on the other breast and in the neck as well. I felt that I was beginning to die. I went to another oncologist, but when he saw me he said: but that is horrible, I can’t operate on that, the skin is coming apart.

Then a friend of mine called Jaime Maussan, who told me: you must try Simoncini, I have just finished his book. I could not sleep, I imagined a miracle, bought airplane tickets in the morning and in three days I was with Simoncini. He visited me, he said: this can be removed, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Later we went with Simoncini to talk to my oncologist, who said: you stay out, I do not know yet, but after 5 minutes Simoncini had convinced him. He explained how the treatment worked and already they were discussing how to do the operation! The next day I did not go home but went straight to the hospital where I would spend the night before the operation. The operation seems to have been quite a thing. While I was under sedation, I was opened up, and washed with over 8 litres of sodium bicarbonate. Then they left catheters in strategic places, so that all residues of fungi in the area could be killed, in the breast, in the back and in the other breast. The operation was an immediate success. The terrible stain, of which they had told me in December that they would not be able to close the skin, was practically gone within a week. The wound had healed perfectly. It looks just perfect.

“And do you still have cancer?” We did tests. It has now been about 5 months. After 3 months we did the first scan. There was absolutely no cancer to be seen. A week ago I had a test done in Mexico City, the one you get to wear headphones and they scan all your organs, and it was perfect, there was absolutely no cancer. I am completely cured. My eternal gratitude goes out to Simoncini.

There are no documents shown to prove Amelia Parra really had cancer, no diagnosis, no biopsy result, no pathology report; nothing. We don’t even know if the woman with the tumour and Amelia Parra are the same person. We only have the word of the woman telling the story. But if she really did have cancer, the worst thing she could do was to put her fate in the hands of Tullio Simoncini.

But desperate people are desperate to believe. The video makes a great impression and brings Simoncini a lot of new clients.

His mantra that he is ousted by the scientific community because they hate innovative science is so lame and annoying: innovative scientists are the life blood of the scientific community, they are not ousted but awarded Nobel prizes. We find it hard to believe Simoncini doesn’t know this video is worthless; he is not stupid, he’s looking for customers.

Such seems to be his contempt for his patients that he does not even bother to render his testimonials the least bit credibility. It is no more than advertising, and of the most despicable kind at that, aimed at scared, desperate people who are uneducated on cancer.

Like this:



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Tullio Simoncini, a convicted ex medical doctor, ‘discovered’ that cancer is no more than the fungus candida albicans, and that it can be cured successfully with sodium bicarbonate. Skin cancer is also made of candida albicans, but can only be cured by local application of Iodine – not sodium bicarbonate, like all other cancers. Says Tullio Simoncini.

By the way, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that cancer is caused by candida albicans or that it can be cured with sodium bicarbonate – or with iodine for that matter.

On his website Simoncini publishes ‘evidence’ of his miracle cures. Most of these stories lack all essential medical information and are therefore virtually meaningless. However, in some cases a minimum of information is given, making it possible to find out what really happened. Invariably, heavy manipulation of data is shown, as in this case of a gentleman from Australia who suffered from skin cancer on his scalp.

This gentleman found himself having to travel all the way to Rome, in order to be healed by Tullio Simocini, because, as we are told in the video, his Australian doctors failed miserably to help him. The video is here. The case was analyzed for us by our Italian friend WeWee, who is himself an MD.

The gentleman tells us that he he had skin cancer, which was confirmed by a histological examination, and that his conventional treatment consisted of surgery and a number of treatments with ‘liquid nitrogen’. In the video it says that Simoncini’s treatment resulted in the cancer to finally disappear, something his Australian doctors could not bring about.

This patient appears to have undergone the complete standard protocol for skin cancer: surgical resection of cancer; examination of the tissue by the pathologist; follow-up procedure to reduce risk of recurrence  (liquid nitrogen), resulting in a complete clinical recovery.

Pathology report

When a resection of localized tumour (like a melanoma) is performed, it is essential that the whole area, including the tissue margins, is free of cancer cells. This is established by a histological examination, carried out by the pathologist. In the pathology report it states clearly whether resection has removed the complete tumour and whether the margins of the collected samples are free of cancer cells.

In the pathology report of the Australian patient (picture above), it says that of the five lesions removed, two were basal cell carcinoma and one was melanoma in situ. The tissue margins were free of cancer cells. The other two were completely benign (skin fibromas):
1. Basal cell carcinoma: clear margins (underlined in red in the picture)
2. Basal cell carcinoma: clear margins (underlined in red in the picture)
3. Malignant melanoma in situ: narrowly clear margins (underlined in red in the picture)

The cryotherapy rounds were given for extra safety.

Only after that came Simoncini’s treatment with iodine, which is supposed to have finally cured the patient. As he does more often, Simoncini uses the report of the patient’s successful conventional therapy to ‘prove’ the efficacy of his own sodium bicarbonate treatment.

But how can you cure someone who has already been cured…?

Like this:



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